Faith Cover

Faith Cover

Monday, November 10, 2008

Diana's 50th Birthday

On Friday, November 7th I drove to Alice, Texas to celebrate my sister-in-law Diana’s 50th birthday! She is my sister-in-law, but has been more like a sister to me throughout the years. She is married to my brother Jake, and if I remember correctly, they have been married for 28 years.

All her three children were there to help celebrate this special day, son William drove in from San Antonio, daughter Krystal drove in from Houston and daughter Connie drove in from Corpus Christi.

All her sisters were also there to help celebrate, Dina drove in from Houston, Gracie drove in from Kingsville and Belia drove in from Hebbronville. Diana’s mother, Blasita who is 81 years old was also there to help celebrate.

Her children worked hard in the past weeks secretly finding pictures and put a beautiful slide show for the party! Many, many and many friends and co-workers came to their home to celebrate! When I drove up I didn’t know WHERE to park!!
Shown left to right: "Las Manita's" Belia, Gracie, Diana, Dina, Bonnie

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My cover for my book
is here!

What's a beautiful young virgin of strong Catholic faith to do when she meets up with a wealthy, sex-deprived, handsome bachelor?During one of Manolo Guerra's monthly visits to his mother's grave site, finding a beautiful, young and single woman was not on his agenda that day. But that day out of nowhere, things would change forever for both of them as destiny had finally come full circle. She was of strong Catholic faith and her values had been set high, a total virgin she was and this made Manolo desire her even more. She was Tatiana Madrigal from San Antonio, Texas and was in Miami for just a short while. Finally, a woman that could love him for who he was and one that could bear his child to leave his millions to. It would be eight months of heavenly nights and days with her as he had lost years of sexual lovemaking and her of never experiencing any, as they would explore each other countless of times each day and night.

Coming Soon in
January 2009 E Book $5.99
and June in Print

ISBN: 1-60601-216-9
Heat Level: Scorching
Word Length: 94,000
Published by: Siren-Bookstrand