Faith Cover

Faith Cover

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's new with me!!

Must be wondering where I’ve been?
Long story, but was helping my 82 year old mother. In the end I think I needed more help then she did (*-*).

ANY WAY… I’m back and I’ve pick up writing again working on a Wild West romance to die for. I haven’t been able to sleep as this is all I think of. This is what happens to me when I get a new idea for a new story. I should be working orders for my business but have put them aside to write. I become completely obsessed and could careless about anything else. And sometimes it bothers me, because I put things off that shouldn’t be. Don’t know if other writers go crazy like I do. It is just so weird as the ideas keep coming and in my mine I have written three chapters. So then I freak out and need to get the chapters written out and as I’m typing away… guess what? The story just continues in my head. Have I completely lost it?? Anyway that’s where I’m at right now!!

ALSO… I have submitted another story “A Cowgirls Divided Heart.” So let’s see how all of this goes and hope for no more interruptions as I’ve also begun my first True Crime Story. My goal for that story is to have it completed by the end of December of this year.

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