Faith Cover

Faith Cover

Thursday, August 20, 2009

De Colores

Map Pencils

Did you know that I’m a map pencil freak! I think… I think that I just might have over 100 colored pencils.

You ask, why so many? Well, let me explain how I came to have so many of them.

Both of my kids, Andrew and Laura Ashley attended Catholic School and those nuns… aye, ya ya. They are so good to wring money out of you.
Every year all children were sold school supplies per grade level. So when registration came up they had all of your stuff ready for you labeled with your name, waiting for you to pick it up AND of course pay for it.

Over the ten years of Catholic School, map pencils were included in the supplies. And me being raised to take care of everything you had because times were hard back when, saved every colored pencil, considering that most of them were like brand new.

So now I keep some of them at my desk and have come to love using them! I use them instead of highlighters. They come in many colors, won’t ruin your paper and don’t smell bad. I use them on bank statements, to highlight book pages, notes to myself and go crazy during IRS income tax time! Oh… may I add that I use the color green to highlight paydays on my planner!

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