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Friday, September 4, 2009


Why Do People Envy & Hate So Much?

I don’t get it?
Despite the world falling apart all around us in these difficult times with people losing their jobs, houses, cars, and credit. Should I keep going… not having money to buy food, to gas up your car, pay utilities much less health insurance. God forbid you get sick and with what money will you pay the doctor and the medicines. I’m talking about the bare essentials in order to survive here. I’m talking about what all it takes not to become neighbors with the homeless man that hangs around under the expressway begging for money for food and sharing that small space with him and making sleeping arrangements in sharing that small space under the expressway.
You did notice I didn’t mention not being able to afford going out to eat, going to the movies, going on a shopping spree and taking that weekend trip. Ay que nice! Que pretty! Verda?
Despite all of this, what I just told you… WHY, why do people envy and hate so much? The economy is going to hell and people are so ignorant and closed minded to want what the other guy has. Materialist crap!
What the idiots might not know is that maybe, the people that they envy and now hate because they went on that luxury cruise… is that they went because it had always been a dream of theirs. And now with the cancer that one of them has, they thought that they should use some of their saving money to go on this trip. So now do you envy being sick with cancer? Hell no that is not of benefit to you? Is it? Pues no!
How about a close friend of yours or a family member who just bought a huge luxury home? Oh, yeah you envy her so much. Actually you hate her all ready and she hasn’t even moved in yet! Do you envy her for having a cheating husband who beats on her too? Do you want to switch places with her now to get that huge house that you’ve always dreamed of?
Here’s another one. How about a friend who just lost lots of weight? They look so good now in anything they wear and you wish you could look just like your friend. You tried every diet there is out there and still haven’t been able to lose more than five pounds. So now you envy your friend and hate them too. But did you know that maybe your friend is as unhappy as ever. You think that she/he went on a diet to look that good but instead lost that weight from PLAIN worries, from not eating. She/he is about to lose their house because they are behind on their taxes and a few house payments. Their house that they have lived in for the pass ten years. Do you still envy and hate your friend and want to trade places so you can look good with your weight loss living with the homeless guy under the expressway because you lost your house?

So I tell you this before you go envying or hating other people.
Wake up and see what’s happening around you. Be happy with what you STILL have. Someone buys a new house or a car. Be polite and say, “Hey nice house. Nice car.” And mean it.
Someone got a promotion or a part in a movie. A once in a life time thing. Tell them, “Hey congratulations. Wish you all the best.”
Don’t envy, hate or pretend not to know by not wishing or congratulating someone! Because you don’t know the rest of the story like Paul Harvey does!

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